About Us

This is Who We Are

We have more than 30 years of experience

SubC3D is devoted to underwater metrology using photogrammetry as method.

The funders are pioneers within the subsea photogrammetry metrology market and developed the first single camera system
to be successfully used in the Oil&Gas market.

The single camera system has been one of the major metrology systems within high accurate underwater measurement systems
since the introduction in year 2000.

The founders have participated in / managed / executed more than 150+ projects involving 500+ surveys worldwide working in previous companies.

Year 2000

Most accurate

Year 2006

Largest in size

Year 2013

Largest no of images


Frank Prytz


Bjørn Grøtting


SubC3D was established July 2016

Our Core Values:

Trust and respect

We believe that mutual trust and respect is one of the most important fundamentals in relations with customers.

Enthusiastic and dedicated

Being enthusiastic and dedicated is important in our work, both for our selves and toward our customers.

Precision and simplicity

Precision and simplicity is a cornerstone in our work, and implies that we will always strive for productive and efficient processes.

Our Vision:

Provide very accurate subsea metrology that the client can operate themselves at a competitive cost.

Our focus:

Development and Innovation for underwater measurement

The Idea:

Our idea is to develop a new system that will have revolutionary impact the way surveys are performed in several ways:

Improved HSE
Reduced operational time
Improved availability
Visual survey feedback
Instant results
Improved accuracy and reliability

An aim for the completely developed system will be able to produce 3D models of the surveyed object in “real time”.

To enable a better understanding for the operators and end users, images taken during the survey can be draped over the 3D model for natural visualisation.

Our system:

SubC Eyes – Areal Coverage and Very High Accurate measurement