SubC Eyes

A New System for 3D Measurements

One system – many applications

Fish farming​
Biomass, lice and cage integrity
Bridges and quays
Foundations and structures
Hull, rudder, propellers, chains and damages
Underwater archaeology
Site survey, shipwrecks and other submerged artifacts
Above water
Drone survey, buildings, power lines and windmills

… and much more

SubC3D are now developing and testing a new system for high accuracy measurement under water, with applications above water as well.

The problem we solve
Subsea measurements have always been far more complicated and time-consuming than performing the same measurement on shore. We intend to minimise both cost and time.

More than 30 years of experience in high accuracy surveying

In 2016 we established SubC3D and are now developing a new system, SubC Eyes

A system that will cut cost and increase productivity for all parties where high accuracy metrologies are required, faster and more detailed than what what has been possible up until now.

Measurements can be done while the system or surveyed object is moving.

The new system can be used in all areas where accurate measurements under water is required or wanted.

More than 16 years of experience within subsea metrology

As pioneers within the subsea photogrammetry metrology area (while working for other companies) we developed the first system to be successfully implemented into the Oil&Gas market. That was back in year 2000.

The system has been one of the major players within high accurate metrology.

During our previous engagements we planned, managed and executed more than
150+ projects including 500+ surveys worldwide.

We are now developing a revolutionary new system for measurements under water

The system can be implemented within:

– Oil&Gas
– Fish Farming
– Bridge and quay foundations
– Vessel hull and propeller area inspection
– Archaeology
– or any other production or inspection that require accurate measurements

Our Partners